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Yuanpei University Of Medical Technology, Taiwan

Location: Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan


  • Health Sciences
  • Medical Technology, Nursing And Wellbeing
  • Industry And Management


  • Educational Facilities
  • General Education Center
  • Laboratories Facilities
  • Computer Center
  • Multimedia Resource Center
  • Hardware and Software Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Creativity Center
  • The Guangyu Art Center

Scope & Responsibilities:

  • Bachelor Degree in Environmental Of Health and Sciences

Course Programs:

  • Program Period:
    • Fall Semester, Enroll in September 2019
  • Length of Study Time:
    • 4 Years

 General Requirement:

  • Sex: Male, Female
  • Ages: 18 Years - 21 Years
  • Educations: SMA, SMK
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Language: 
    • English
    • Mandarin, HSK-1 (Certified)

About YUMT:

  • Yuanpei University of Medical Technology (YUMT) was founded in 1964 by Mr. Ping-Kung Tsai with independent investment and with visionary foresight to enhance the quality of medical technology education and social healthcare in Taiwan.
  • Over the past fifty years or so, YUMT has grown and expanded through continuous effort and uncompromising persistence, focusing on information technology, optimization and internationalization.
  • YUMT has fostered a great number of outstanding alumni who have established considerable reputations in hospitals and healthcare institutions, both in Taiwan and abroad, demonstrating the results of the solid training and excellent education provided by YUMT.
  • In the future, YUMT will spare no pain to carry out the founding concepts and aims of Mr. Tsai to look into the root causes and study the interrelations of health issues. This will be accomplished by continuing to develop the school into an ideal establishment for cultivating medical technologists, health managers and healthcare professionals for the health of people and the well-being of society.
  • Learn Abundantly and Expand Your Horizons Surrounded by rural natural scenery, YUMT is located in Xiangshan in Hsinchu City. The beautiful campus rests on a mountainside by a river and offers an optimal setting that shapes an ideal atmosphere for study and extracurricular activities. Convenient transportation is available, with buses towards Taipei and Taichung and local destinations throughout the Hsinchu area departing right in front of the school entrance.
  • Currently, the university has 3 colleges comprising 16 departments and 9 master's programs.
    • The three colleges are the College of Medical Technology, Nursing and Wellbeing, the College of Health Sciences and the College of Industry and Management.
    • In addition to diverse educational facilities and well-equipped laboratories, comprehensive sports facilities, a computer center, a general education center, a creativity center, a multimedia resource center, various hardware and software facilities and the Guangyu Art Center have been set up.
  • These nourish students and broaden their horizons in a cultural and intellectual environment powered by information and technology for developing solid and unique competitiveness in a time of constant changes


  • One of the Oldest and Most Competitive Educational Institutions in Taiwan
  • Provides a comfortable study environment, convenient living conditions, and easy accessibility to resources
  • The wonderful opportunity to undertake an internship in a local company in last senior year
  • Get acquainted with many local and international students during stay in Yuanpei


  • https://eng.ypu.edu.tw/app/index.php

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